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Life Time Mission

Our mission is to provide an

  • Entertaining,
  • Educational,
  • Friendly and Inviting,
  • Functional and Innovative
experience of uncompromising quality that meets the health and fitness needs of the entire family.
Life Time Vision

Life Time® –  Healthy Way of Life, helps organizations, communities and individuals achieve their: 

  • Total Health Objectives
  • Athletic Aspirations and
  • Fitness Goals

by doing what they love to do.


We do this by providing the best:

  • Places
  • Performers and
  • Programs

that change lives positively every day.

Stephen F. Rowland, Jr.

Executive Vice President, Life Time Construction Company, LLC

Stephen F. Rowland, Jr., was elected Executive Vice President of Life Time Construction Company, LLC in 2015 and re-joined Life Time - The Healthy Way of Life Company. 

In 1983, Mr. Rowland founded Diversified Construction of Minneapolis, Inc., which specialized in light commercial construction and tenant improvements and became one of the industry's front-runners for restaurant remodel and construction. Mr. Rowland served as President/CEO until 1997 at which time he assumed the position of Chairman of The Board.

In addition to Diversified Construction, Mr. Rowland founded and held the position of President at FCA Construction Company, LLC, a thriving and successful subsidiary of the leading health and wellness company, Life Time Fitness, Inc.. During his time as President, Mr. Rowland played a critical role in leading the development of the construction subsidiary and established an exceptional team to support the company's nationwide expansion. 

Prior to re-joining Life Time, Mr. Rowland was President and CEO of Rowland Construction Group.

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